Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cathy's Slide Show on Shutterfly

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pilgrimage to Ireland: Mini-Movies

Video Review of Our Lady of Sorrows Choir Pilgrimage to Ireland, May 2009. To start the video, click on the > arrow at the bottom left of the image, above.

Cathy Toney, Director
Bryan Eber, Accompanist
Photos by Bev Fuss. Video by Don Dillin.

Mini-Movie: Sheep Herding in Ireland, Our Lady of Sorrows Pilgrimage to Ireland, May 2009 (DSCN8918.MOV)

Sheep Herding Dogs Round Up the Sheep: May 2009, Kissane Sheep Farm, Molls Gap, Kenmare, County Kerry, Ireland. For details, see:

Adopt-a-Sheep at

Mini-video by Don Dillin
Can also be seen on at:

Pilgrimage to Ireland: VIDEOS!

Update on June 9, 2009:
Our Lady of Sorrows Choir: Singing in Dublin at John's Lane Church.  Photo by Dan Ruffin
Our Lady of Sorrows Choir: Singing in Dublin at John's Lane Church. Photo by Dan Ruffin

At long last, a blog update!! Alas, our Ireland choir pilgrimage didn't leave enough time to update our blog while in Ireland (between daytime singing and touring and nighttime searches for Irish music!) But then the blogmeister was off to Holland, Belgium, France, California, and Illinois for three weeks immediately after the end of the choir tour of Ireland, and has been in "catch-up mode" ever since. Now, finally, some updates! With many many thanks to Dan Ruffin and his first experimentation with a new camera, see Dan Ruffin's Videos of OLOS Choir in Ireland at