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OLOS Choir Christmas Concert 2011: Dec 18 2011

YouTube video of December 18, 2011, Christmas Concert

Click here for the YouTube video in a separate window, full screen.

Our Lady of Sorrows Choir Christmas Concert 2011
December 18, 2011

Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church Choir, West River, Maryland, USA. December 18, 2011 Concert

Organist Bryan Eber, Choir Director Cathy Toney, Flute, Marybeth Eber, Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church Choir, West River, Maryland, USA. December 18, 2011 Concert
Organist Bryan Eber, Choir Director Cathy Toney, Flute, Marybeth Eber,
Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church Choir, West River, Maryland, USA.
December 18, 2011 Concert

Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church
101 Owensville Road, West River, MD 20778

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SPECIAL: See "Animoto" video of "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" at:

This video includes photos of the entire December 18, 2011, concert, courtesy Dan Ruffin, photos.

Track 1: (11 minutes, 17 seconds; File size: 10.3MB)
Organ Prelude: Vom Himmel hoch (From Heaven Above) By Walter L. Pelz
1. To You This Night is Born a Child…
2. The Blessing Which the Father Planned…
3. My Heart for Very Joy Now Leaps…
4. Were Earth a Thousand Times as Fair…
5. Finale

Track 2: O Come, All Ye Faithful (2 minutes, 38 seconds; File size: 2.41MB)

Track 3: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel: By Hal H. Hopson, Arranged by Emily Lund (3 minutes, 34 seconds; File size: 3.26MB)

Track 4: Of the Father’s Love Begotten: Arranged by Gene Grier & Lowell Everson (3 minutes, 31 seconds; File size: 3.22MB)

Track 5: In Bethlehem a Babe Was Born: By John Carter, Words by Mary K. Beall (2 minutes, 45 seconds; File size: 2.53MB)

Track 6: Never Been a Night Like This! By Lloyd Larson (3 minutes, 44 seconds; File size: 3.42MB)

Track 7: In the Bleak Midwinter: By Nathan Jones, Words by: Christina Rossetti (3 minutes, 8 seconds; File size: 2.87MB)

Track 8: Silent Night (3 minutes, 5 seconds; File size: 2.82MB)

Track 9: Rejoice Jerusalem! By Thomas P. Gouin (4 minutes, 23 seconds; File size: 4.1MB)
Verses: Angie Hunter, Bobbie Badger and Ellen Langdon, Don Dillin, John Gasch, Women, Men

Track 10: Mary Had a Baby: Arranged By Bruce A. Thompson (4 minutes, 23 seconds; File size: 4.1MB)

Track 11: Joy to the World (1 minutes, 46 seconds; File size: 1.62MB)

Track 12: And the Glory Of The Lord: By George F. Handel (3 minutes, 53 seconds; File size: 3.56MB)

Many many thanks to Cathy Toney, Bryan Eber, Marybeth Eber, and all the Choir Members for your dedication and joyful work you did to bring us together for this Christmas Concert! And special thanks to Fr Mark for all that you do to make Our Lady of Sorrows Church so special to all of us.

Other downloadable files:
The full Christmas concert, December 18, 2011 (53 minutes, 45 seconds, 49.2MB)

Last Practice in June 2011: Closing Songs and Prayers (16 minutes, 4 seconds, 14.7MB)

CREDITS: Photos by Dan Ruffin (THANKS!). Audio recordings recorded with the Olympus DM-30 digital audio recorder. Audio editing with Audacity. Technical and web: Don Dillin

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Concert 2009

Our Lady of Sorrows Choir Christmas Concert 2009

Director, Cathy Toney
Organist, Bryan Eber
Flute, Marybeth Eber

Our Lady of Sorrows Church,
West River, Maryland, USA
Dec 23, 24, 2009

NOTE: YouTube Videos are actually audio-only, with visual opening title and photo of choir. MP3's are downloadable to listen on computer or IPOD or other MP3 device, and are better for lower speed internet connections, and range from 2Mb to 10Mb in size.

Midnight Mass, December 24, 2009:
Listen to the entire Midnight Mass at Our Lady of Sorrows Church, West River, Maryland at:
Note: This file is very large (53Mb), so please be patient while loading. Recommended only for high speed connections.

Our Lady of Sorrows Choir Concert Program, December 23, 2009 and pre-Mass singing, December 24, 2009

Organ Prelude Variations on a Theme of Samuel Scheidt: Puer Natus in Bethlehem

By: Rebecca Groom Te Velde
1. “A child is born in Bethlehem”
2. “And joy is in Jerusalem”
3. “Rejoice, rejoice, sing high, sing low”
4. “Benedicamus Domino”
5. “To Thee, O Lord, be glory paid”
6. “Thou Son of Mary, mother-maid”
7. “To Holy Trinity give praise, With Deo Gracias always, Alleluia”
YouTube Video:
Downloadable MP3:

Oh Music
By: David Kauffman
Arranged by: William Gokelman
YouTube Video:
Downloadable MP3:

Creation Will Be at Peace

Words by: J. Paul Williams
Music by: Anna Laura Page
YouTube Video:
Downloadable MP3:

For Unto Us a Child is Born

By John Attebury
YouTube Video:
Downloadable MP3:

Coventry Child

Arranged by: Audrey Snyder
YouTube Video:
Downloadable MP3:

Angels Rejoicin’
Arranged by: Patrick M. Liebergen
Downloadable MP3:

Sing Lullaby
Text: Sabine Baring-Gould Arranged by: Philip Moore
Verse 1 solo: Ellen Langdon
Verse 2 duet: Angie Hunter & Don Dillin
Verse 3 solo: Katie Fennell
Downloadable MP3:

Flute and Organ Duet: A Christmas Interlude
By: Charles Callahan
YouTube Video:
Downloadable MP3:

The Simple Gifts of Christmas

Arranged by: Ed Lojeski
YouTube Video:
Downloadable MP3:

Peace, Peace
Words and music by Rick and Sylvia Powell
Arranged by: Fred Bock
YouTube Video:
Downloadable MP3:

In the Silence
Music by: Craig Courtney
Lyrics by: Pamela Martin

Calypso Lullaby
By Joel Raney
YouTube Video:
Downloadable MP3:


By Franz Joseph Haydn
Edited by: Michael S. Woodman
YouTube Video:
Downloadable MP3:

Merry Christmas to Father Arek (deployed on military assignment)!

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Cathy's Slide Show on Shutterfly

See Cathy's Slide Show on Shutterfly at:

Below are selections from these slides. Just click on any of the photos, below, to enlarge it ... then back button on your browser to return to the blog!

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See Updates on Twitter

No need to actually "follow" twitter, but you can look at updates and Our Lady of Sorrows choir (West River, MD) blog news on the twitter page at:

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Pilgrimage to Ireland: Mini-Movies

Video Review of Our Lady of Sorrows Choir Pilgrimage to Ireland, May 2009. To start the video, click on the > arrow at the bottom left of the image, above.

Cathy Toney, Director
Bryan Eber, Accompanist
Photos by Bev Fuss. Video by Don Dillin.

Mini-Movie: Sheep Herding in Ireland, Our Lady of Sorrows Pilgrimage to Ireland, May 2009 (DSCN8918.MOV)

Sheep Herding Dogs Round Up the Sheep: May 2009, Kissane Sheep Farm, Molls Gap, Kenmare, County Kerry, Ireland. For details, see:

Adopt-a-Sheep at

Mini-video by Don Dillin
Can also be seen on at:

Pilgrimage to Ireland: VIDEOS!

Update on June 9, 2009:
Our Lady of Sorrows Choir: Singing in Dublin at John's Lane Church.  Photo by Dan Ruffin
Our Lady of Sorrows Choir: Singing in Dublin at John's Lane Church. Photo by Dan Ruffin

At long last, a blog update!! Alas, our Ireland choir pilgrimage didn't leave enough time to update our blog while in Ireland (between daytime singing and touring and nighttime searches for Irish music!) But then the blogmeister was off to Holland, Belgium, France, California, and Illinois for three weeks immediately after the end of the choir tour of Ireland, and has been in "catch-up mode" ever since. Now, finally, some updates! With many many thanks to Dan Ruffin and his first experimentation with a new camera, see Dan Ruffin's Videos of OLOS Choir in Ireland at